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The following information was researched from several books which are listed below and can also be found on the internet.THERE IS NO CURE FOR CANCER but there is a natural treatment for cancer!! As you will see treating Cancer with a combination of B17 and pancreatic enzymes as part of a total nutritional therapy has and can rid the body of cancer. The results of such treatment and evidence is overwhelming which is why this information has been posted. Cancer is a metabolic disease which only the body can remove with the appropriate nutritional therapy. Nutritional therapy will help the body rid itself of cancer, but will not cure cancer, because if nutritional therapy is stopped the cancer will come back!!! A cure implies it will never come back. Just like Scurvy, Berri-Berri and Pelagra, cancer is a nutritional defiency disease. Stop consuming foods with vitamin C and you will develop scurvy. Stop consuming food with vitamin B and you will develop Pellagra. Stop consuming food with nitrilosides (vitamin B17) and you will develop cancer. And this is exactly what has happened in our modern life. The reader must use his own discretion and research this for himself. A qualified medical practitioner should always be consulted in the matter of treatment decisions for any cancer.